Roller Conveyor

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Jl. Pengasinan Raya I No.35 A - Bekasi Timur, Bekasi
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Detail Roller Conveyor

This type of conveyor makes the handling of such heavy equipment/ products easier and more time effective. Many of the roller conveyors can move as fast as 75 feet/ minute. Other types of roller conveyors are gravity roller conveyor, chain driven live roller conveyor, pallet accumulation conveyor, multi-strand chain conveyor, and chain & roller transfers.

Gravity roller conveyors are extremly easy to use and are used in many different types of industries such as automotive and retail. Chain driven live roller conveyors are used for single or bi-directional material handling. Large heavy loads are moved by chain driven live roller conveyors.Pallet accumulation conveyors are powered through a mechanical clutch. This is used instead of individually powered and controlled sections of conveyors.Multi-strand chain conveyors are used for double pitch roller chains. Products that can not be moved on traditional roller conveyors can be moved by a multi-strand chain conveyor.